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Here are a few steps to take when filing a claim:

Report Claim

Claims Dept available 24/7

(See policy for Claims number)


Contact your Agent or Insurance carrier directly to report a claim. For Life threatening emergencies, Dial 911 first!

Make a Record

Make a List, take photos, and/or record damage.


Don't throw away any damaged property until an insurance adjuster tells you it's okay to do so. 

Protect Your Property

Make temporary repairs to protect your property from further damage or loss.


Keep a record of repair costs & receipts. Get full repair estimates.

Claims Adjuster

 Write down your claims adjuster's info and your claim number.

Provide claims adjuster with any new contact information..

General Tips

Keep a copy of your policy in a safe place and know what's covered and what's not. 

Call your agent if you have questions about your policy or coverages.

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